Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Alright! Here is the new call for submissions, on the theme Anarchism and Romance. We at the LV Night Review are very excited about this topic and can't wait to read the submissions! As an extra incentive, we've really stepped up the distribution and will be sending the next issue out to distros and infoshops around the world, in fact if you want to get on the mailing list, send us your address! Also, feel free to shoot us any questions at louisvuittonnight@gmail.org about the topic or the zine in general, or pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested and remember you only have 2 and a half weeks to complete the assignment! Make it work!

Anarchism and Romance

It is said that anarchism is the only true calling for hopeless romantics, and we at the LV Night Review tend to agree. It just seems, with their mutual affection for lofty sweeping philosophies and starry-eyed idealism, anarchism and romance were destined to be together. But what does that relationship look like, and, more importantly, by what terms do we define romance? If you consider the romantic rituals that we take for granted, long walks in nature or candle-lit dinners, it starts to seem like romance is a strange and mysterious religion-like practice. Not failing to take into account the widely accepted gender assumptions of corporate romance such as Valentine's day or the hetero-normative "rom-com" behemoth, its clear that the idea of romance poses a problem. But let's not get too hasty; let's take a minute and really think about romance and its connection to anarchism. Here's the challenge:

Write a 700-1000 word piece on the connection between anarchism and romance. Deadline: JUNE 20.

Just in case you're lost, here are some ideas to lubricate your whistle, so to speak.

Short Non-Fiction or Fiction:

*Anarchist Love Stories: Not to get too crimethinc-y, but everyone loves a good anarchist love story - we're humans after all and why wouldn't we like reading about love!

*Anarchist Erotic Love Stories: Self-explanatory!

Essay Questions:

*How can romance be revised to be less hetero-normative and more libratory, or conversely, is romance an antiquated notion that anarchists should dispense with completely?

*Is romance a crucial element to anarchism and if so, how can we incorporate it into our daily lives?

*What is the connection (if any) of romance and romanticism? What does anarchist romanticism look like and how does it avoid, or fail to avoid, the pitfalls of nationalist and fascist romanticism, which use "folk" music, "folk" logic, and "folk" morality to construct racism, homophobia, xenophobia and patriarchy?

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