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Call for Short Articles on Anarchism and Science: Deadline April 1, 2008


Anarchists have long discussed the role of science in our politics, ranging from arguing that anarchism is the highest stage of science to arguing that science is the root of oppression, hierarchy and authority. What does anarchist science look like in the 21st century, and how would it fight disease, promote the differently-abled and support those with mental illness?

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April 1st, 2008!

Classical anarchists like Emma Goldman discussed anarchism as a rigorous scientific method, and theorized that authority and oppression were derived from a mystical/un-scientific world view. However, in this day and age, where we've seen the horrors of modern science, from animal testing to the atom bomb, and seen the implementation of science in furthering racism, homophobia and patriarchy, we cannot afford to be so optimistic. In fact, it is completely understandable why many anarchists today view science with contempt and disgust, positing a future where people rely entirely on folk knowledge and common sense to construct our daily living.

But like it or not, modern science is responsible for the survival of millions of people through agricultural advancements, medical technology and even things we might take for granted such as plumbing, heating systems and clean water. Are we as anarchists ready to accept the consequences of throwing out all the scientific achievements of capitalism? Or, is there an intersection between science and anarchism, and what does that intersection look like?

Your submission can address the topic directly or be related in whatever way you see fit! We are especially interested in any anarchist science experiments that people might have and a great scientific diy project would be lovingly appreciated!

*In your opinion, what would an anarchist science look like, and how would it fight disease, promote the differently-abled and support those with mental illness?
*The DIY movement (when not being co-opted by capitalists) has created a foundation for an anarchic-science methodology, but is it enough to provide the medicine and technology necessary for a complete withdrawal from modern science?
*Have any scientific developments/experiments from your experience living in an anarchist co-op? Share them!
*Cyber-punks: love them or leave them?
*How about any personal reflections or stories about a scientific anarchy or anarchic-science? We would love to hear 'em!

Simply email submissions to:!

500-700 words

We will not edit content in any way, but we will edit all pieces for grammar, spelling and length, if necessary. Also, we generally get more submissions than we can print, at any one time so if your fabulous piece doesn’t make it in the review, we will definitely include it in the online version.

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Daniel Owen said...

Interesting idea. One of the most interesting books I've got recently was "A People's History of Science" by Clifford D. Connor. Check it out.